Layer Calcium Supplements
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I want 20Kg 5bag
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Good Products For Poultry
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Layer Calcium Supplements

Calcium is an essential nutrient that is required by the body for better development of cells, tissue, bones and formation of smooth and hard eggshell. Not only calcium is used for formation of stronger bones and egg shell but also helps in improving the neuro transmission. In layers farming where the main focus is on the production of eggs there is need calcium which check the egg shell quality. Not all eggshell is produced equally. An ideal eggshell is relatively smooth even colored and maintain a consistent shell thickness. Apart from producing quality eggs calcium is used in formation of muscles, stronger bone and improved metabolic activity. Calcium deficiency in the body can cause low growth, leg weakness, rickets and osteomalacia.

There is the need of calcium tonic which is a poultry feed additive that helps in increasing the calcium level in the body which helps in better health. We use “Neutro CPD Liquid” an essential liquid calcium for poultry which contains Calcium compounds, Vitamin D3 & B12 with proteins that are effectively used in improving the health and growth. Along with calcium supplement we should use layer feed enzyme that helps in better absorption and digestion of the feed for better availability of nutrients in the body. The enzyme complex comes with probiotics that helps in enhancing the gastrointestinal health by removing the harmful bacteria and pathogens and promotes good bacteria for better efficiency against digestion and absorption of nutrients.
Benefits Of Neutro CPD Liquid:
  1. It helps in inhibiting the growth of rough and uneven eggshells. .
  2. Reduce the production of broken eggs. .
  3. Helps in preventing calcium deficiency diseases like osteomalacia, anemia, stunted growth, lameness and leg weakness. .
  4. Enhance the production of eggs and improves the health of the body. .
Usage & Administration
For Poultry Layers:
    Chicks & Growers: 10ml-20ml/100 Birds. .
    Layers: 30ml-40ml/100 Birds. .
    Or, as advised by a consultant. .