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Layer Calcium Supplements

Layer Calcium Supplements

Calcium is an essential nutrient in the diet of poultry which supports a healthy bone and skeletal development. Other than this they also need calcium for the production of hard eggshells. An ideal shell is relatively smooth and evenly colored with constituent shell thickness. These are gained by better availability of calcium in the body of poultry birds. Shell-less or rough and uneven eggs are not usually caused by calcium deficiencies. Stress, illness or lack of proper nutrition are more likely to be the reason for this. In this case, we have to externally provide poultry multivitamins with calcium supplementation which are very helpful in providing the desired nutrients with other health benefits. Calavian is one of the best available calcium supplementation for poultry which is very helpful in removing all the calcium deficiencies from the body. It is a vital chelated organic calcium supplement which helps in recovering from calcium deficiencies.

  1. Faster Growth & better body weight .
  2. Higher egg production & improved quality .
  3. Removes Calcium deficiency .
  4. Helps rickets osteomalacia .
  5. Cures Leg weakness.
Usage & Administration
Through Drinking Water For 100 birds
    Chicks: -2ml .
    Growers & broilers: - 4ml .
    Layers & Breeders: - 10ml .