Emu Kidney Medicine
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Emu Kidney Medicine

Farming of emu birds is profitable till the health is in optimum condition. In modern farming where there is rush of increasing growth instantly there is lack of proper nutrition for the body which result in malnutrition and the body become more susceptible to disease. The modern farming of emu undergone several modifications genetically to boost production efficiency in terms of meat. Due to less eyes on health most of the organ undergoes nutrition deficiency which pave the way for greater incidence of metabolic disorders. These disorders arise as a result of improper metabolic processes and affect working of different organs like kidney, liver, lungs etch which give rises to many serious diseases like CRD, Gout problem, liver syndrome etc. The most serious problem is gout disorder which is arise due to kidney damage. The kidney is responsible organ for metabolic function and excretion of toxic waste out from the body. Other than removal of toxins it regulates blood pressure, volume and conserve fluids and electrolytes within the body. With the low health of kidney, the gout problem arises due to the deposition of uric acid. Uric acid is formed by the metabolism of purine and protein. It is formed in the liver and is excreted out by the kidney. Disruption in the metabolic activity of excretion leads to the formation of gout. Low growth and increased mortality are major problem that are associated with gout. Reduction of feed intake, ruffled feathers, emaciation, lameness are observed when EMU birds suffers from gout disorder.

To tackle this gout problem, we use “Urocid” an essential gout treatment medicine for poultry. It consists of sodium hydrogen, carbonate ammonium chloride, vitamin C, citosodine& halite which helps in releasing and breakdown of uric acid crystal that are formed in the kidney. With this we should use “Anfaliv” an advanced formulation liver medicine for emu which improves the functioning of the liver and boost the metabolic processes.
Benefits of Urocid:
  1. Helps in acidifying urine and keep the kidney stones dissolved.
  2. Preserves the renal mass of the affected area.
  3. Prevents urinary deposits and hemorrhages in real microlesion and prevents visceral gout and articular gout. .
  4. Helps in treating renal inflammation caused due to toxins and prevents digestive abnormalities.
  5. Prevents and control nephrosis and nephropathy.
Usage & Administration
    For Preventive use: - 200ml/10 Birds. .
    Mild Infection: 300ml/10 Birds.
    Severe Infection: 400ml/10 Birds.