Emu Iron Tonic
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Good Products For Poultry
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Poultry Iron Tonic

Iron is an essential element which is essentially needed in poultry which helps in increasing the health and growth in poultry which provides a sustainable poultry farming. A fairly large number ofnutrients and elemental compounds are needed in poultry for better health. If one or more of them are not present in the feed the nutritional value gets low and can cause health related problems. Iron is one of them which is essentially needed. Lack of iron in the body can cause anemia and the formation of the blood in the body becomes low. Anemia is caused when there is lack of healthy red blood cells or it experience loss of blood externally or internally. Blood requires hemoglobin which is a iron rich protein in the Red blood cells which is responsible for the transportation of oxygen with the cells and tissues of the body. The common reason of blood loss in emu is due to trauma which causes extensive bleeding from a wound or internal bleeding from the organs.

To remove the iron deficiency and the problems related with it we can use external iron supplement which help in improving the health by providing iron to the body which promotes better health and development of the body. There we use “Feton” a hematinic iron tonic which helps in removing iron deficiency from the body and promotes better formation of blood in the body. This veterinary iron tonic is an adequate mixture of Ferric ammonium citrate, cobalt chloride, Nicotinamide, Biotin, Folic acid and chelated copper sulphate.

Benefits of Feton in Emu:
  1. Increases the blood formation by improvement of hemoglobin in the blood. .
  2. Enhance fertility and body growth. .
  3. Supports in maintaining red blood cells. .
  4. Helps in enhancing the growth of RBC. .
  5. Enhance better growth and cures fatty liver syndrome. .
Usage & Administration
For EMU Birds
    100ml/ 5Birds .

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.