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Emu Electrolytes

Emu Electrolytes

Electro Cool, an essential electrolytes supplement for EMU and poultry birds which consists of essential elements like sodium, potassium, magnesium that helps in regenerating cells and organs by providing the lost nutrients which are removed from the body due to stress or heat during summer season. It is very useful in maintain the electrolyte balance in the body and provides strength to the body.

  1. Maintains electrolytes balance in the body by the process of neutralization .
  2. Act as an adjuvant and supportive therapy during antibiotic treatment. .
  3. Rehydrates the body during summer.
  4. An ideal Immunity Booster.
  5. Prevent Rehydration .
  6. Energizes the body .
  7. Maintains the calcium-magnesium level .
  8. Decreases mortality rate due to heat stress.
Usage & Administration
    2gm-5gm in 5Lts. Of drinking water or 200gm/ton of feed.

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants .