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Kidney Medicine

Kidney is an important organ which is responsible for removing extra toxins form the body and helps in purifying the body. There is one major problem that is associated with the kidney and it is the problem of gout. Gout is an inflammatory disease caused due to the accumulation of urate crystals in the joints or through other organs of the body. Actually, these urates are end product of proteins. With extra deposition of urate results in low functioning of the kidney, impaired excretion of uric and toxic material. Overloading the kidney with too much uric acid lead to the problem of gout. There are generally two types of gout that occurs in ducks’ body and they are Articular gout and Visceral gout. There are numerous factors that can cause gout problem in ducks but some of the common problems are low diet, dehydration, viral infections, and exposure to drugs and toxins.

Diet-related factors:
  1. Excess-dietary calcium: Feeding the young duck with high amount of calcium for a prolong time can cause damage to the kidney. It is commercially used in the production of eggs. Feeding low quality of feed which is deficient in nutrition or scraps that contains high level of calcium can cause kidney damage.
  2. Vitamin A: The use of Vitamin A is essential for the ducks. Deficiency of this in the diet of ducks can cause damage to the lining of the uterus leading to gout.
  3. Low Phosphorus diet: Duck who consume low nutritional diet which contains low level of phosphorus are more at risk of developing gout.
  4. High Cholesterol diet: Duck feed a diet which is full of cholesterol are more prone to develop renal mass diseases.
  5. Dehydration: dehydrated body put the kidney in the risk of developing diseases. Dehydration is caused due to excess of loss of water and electrolytes from the body. We use duck electrolyte supplement to replenish the deficiency.
  6. Mycotoxins: The availability of toxins in the feed which is a reason for kidney damage. These toxins are fungus which contaminate the feed.

To get rid out of this problem there we have to use gout medicine which helps in improving the health and the kidney and provides better functioning. We use “Urocid” an excellent medicine for the problem of gout and is very effective in treating it. It is a combination of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Ammonium Chloride, Vitamin-C, Citosodine & Halite which are effective against gout. As advised by the veterinarian it uses can provide many benefits.

Benefit of Urocid:
  1. Acidifies urine and help to keep kidney stones dissolved and preserve the renal mass function. .
  2. Prevents urinary deposits and haemorrhages microlesion. .
  3. Treats renal inflammation caused by toxins.
  4. Prevents and control nephrosis and chick nephropathy.
  5. Urocid helps the birds to overcome various stress conditions and help normal functioning of kidneys.
Usage & Administration
For Prevention Of Gout .
    3ml-5ml/100 Birds/ Day For 3-5 Days.
For Control of Gout
    5ml-10ml/100 birds/ Day for 5-7 Days.
Mild Infection
    1ml-2ml/7 Kg of Bird Weight.
Severe Infection
    1ml-2ml/5Kg of bird weight.