Duck Feed Enzymes
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Good Products For Poultry
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Duck Feed Enzymes

Like poultry, duck also need enzymes for better digestion of their feed and absorption of nutrients from it. Supplementing the duck with feed enzymes along with the feed can improve the efficiency of the feed utilization. The main feed for ducks contains wheat, barley, rye, oats etc. and they contain high molecular weight soluble non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) which increases the viscosity of the digesta resulting in decreased digestion and absorption of the nutrients thus affecting the performance. In ducks, the intake of water tends to be higher than poultry which results in higher digesta water content which results in lower digesta viscosity and reduce the negative effect on the health and performance. The addition of exogenous xylanase to wheat-based diet could help in increasing the viscosity of the digesta and improve the performance for the ducks. These enzymes are catalyst which speed up the chemical reaction in the body. Xylanase, protease and glucanase are the most important feed enzymes that helps in breakdown of the feed nutrients. Adding enzymes to the feed of ducks helps in increasing the health and performance and ensures proper digestion and absorption of the feed nutrients.

We use Anfazyme Dx, a water-soluble duck feed enzyme which consist of all the essential enzymes with probiotics that helps in enhancing the digestibility of the feed and improve the overall health and growth of the body. Duck body can produce different types of enzymes but in some instance, they are not so effective. Some enzymes are totally not produced by the body which left the feed undigested and become a reason for low health. In this situation this poultry feed additive helps in providing all kinds of enzymes to the body with probiotics. These probiotics help in improving the production of good bacteria in the gut which increase the health of intestinal tract for better absorption of the nutrients.

  1. Provides flexibility in the feed cost by providing flexibility in the feed. .
  2. Improves feed efficiency .
  3. Improves flock and production uniformity.
  4. Improves litter quality.
  5. Reduces sticky and loose droppings .
  6. Controls risks of dirty eggs, breast blisters etc.
  7. Improves FCR and Growth.
Usage & Administration
For Duck
    350gm-500gm/ton of feed.