Duck Egg Enhancer
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I want 20Kg 5bag
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I need this product
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Good Products For Poultry
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this product is very nice

Duck Egg Enhancer Medicine

Calcium is an essential nutrient in the diet of duck. Calcium not only help in enhancing stronger and healthy bone but also helps in producing hard eggshell. Not all eggshell is produced equally. An ideal eggshell is relatively smooth, even colored and maintains a consistent hardness of shell and thickness. When the shell gland fails to produce a shell, duck lay egg a soft shell and it can cracked easily. Shell-less eggs are not usually caused due to calcium deficiency but stress, illness or lack of proper nutrition are more likely to be the reason behind the laying of soft-shelled eggs. Young birds should never eat high calcium rich diets as taking high level of calcium in the body can adequately absorb causes damage to their kidneys and can cut down their lifespan. When the chicken is young and still there seems that the egg which is produced is rough, uneven and have thin eggshell then it is the time for adding calcium to their feed. The calcium in the body helps in the production of hard and smooth eggshell and also promotes better health and development of the body. There we use “Neutro CPD Granules” a calcium supplement for ducks in granules form which can help in removing all the calcium deficiency and promotes growth of quality eggs. It contains Calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin D3, Enzyme complex that in combination helps in improving health. Calcium in this provides stronger and healthy bones. Phosphorus helps in improving the metabolic, function and Vitamin D3 helps in better absorption of calcium in the body. This veterinary calcium supplements can be used among all species of poultry or egg laying birds.

  1. Prevents thinning of eggshells . .
  2. Prohibit the production of rough and broken eggs. .
  3. Prevents rickets, osteomalacia, anemia, stunted growth and leg weakness.
  4. Improves body weight and growth.
  5. Improves the production of eggs and body weight.
Usage & Administration
For Duck
    1kg/ton of feed .

    Or, as directed by Veterinarian consultant.