Duck Egg Supplement
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Good Products For Poultry
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Duck Egg Supplement

In egg production business the color of the egg yolk is a prime concern. The color of the egg becomes an important factor for marketing in several countries. Pale-yellow or orange/golden in color are always in high demand. The color of the egg indicates a well balanced and healthy chicken diet an egg with a high nutritional value. Eggs that comes with light orange in color are generally produced by chicken in poultry farm where there is less access to outdoor under artificial lightning or darkened barn with no windows. The egg yolk pigmentation is subject for egg production industry and it requires special pigmentation level and homogeneous distribution to satisfy the egg quality demand. In egg laying process the pigment is not synthesize by the bird and the color depends upon the synthesis of fat-soluble pigment which are available in the feed. There are some various compounds that are essential needed for better pigmentation of the egg yolk. Xanthophylls, Beta-carotene, Lutein are used for better pigmentation.

These compounds are available in the feed of ducks by which they gain access to the body. Other than the feed we can use “Lucanthin” a natural egg colorant which contains all essential elements like Astaxanthin, enzymes, amino acids which help in increasing the egg color. Along with this we use “Neutro CPD Granules” a duck calcium supplement and feed additive that improves the eggshell quality and prevents loose droppings of eggs.

Benefits of Lucanthin:
  1. Provides pro-vitamin activity .
  2. Provides pro-vitamin activity and works as free radical scavenger. .
  3. Improves colour and appearance of egg shells and yolk.
  4. Enhances colour of ornamental birds.
  5. Improves health for better survival rate.
Usage & Administration
For Ducks
    10gm/Kg of Feed .

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.