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Duck Egg Supplement

Duck Egg Supplement

Lucanthin is a natural egg colorant supplement which is used in poultry and egg laying birds to increase the health and colour of eggs. This vital natural pigment contains various enzyme and vital nutrients. It is a blended mixture of Astaxanthin, Enzymes and Amino acids. This feed additives are widely used in egg laying poultry birds which enhances egg colour and their health and growth too.

  1. Provides pro-vitamin activity .
  2. Works as free radical antioxidants .
  3. Improves colour and appearance of egg shells and yolk.
  4. Enhances colour of ornamental birds.
  5. Improves health and immunity.
Usage & Administration
For Ducks
    10gm/Kg of Feed .

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.