Duck Egg Enhancer
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Good Products For Poultry
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Duck Egg Enhancer

A better care and nutritious feeding in ducks can help in increasing the production of egg. Ducks are essential source of egg and meat. A healthy duck produces high quality of eggs. For better production of egg in ducks we have to manage and care for them. Proper feeding with nutritious is essential. The regular feeding habit of ducks affects the health. The quality of egg and egg production is directly influenced by the feed & feeding habit. It is important to provide high quality nutritious feed which contains a well-balanced amount of minerals and vitamins. About 170gm-200gm of feed is consumed by a healthy duck. Providing extra supplementation of duck trace minerals and vitamins along with the feed can help in maintain a well balance of nutrition in the body for a healthy growth. Along better health there are some other issues which exists and affect the production of eggs. Liver problems, gut disorders, diarrhea are some of them. Feeding the duck with egg enhancer supplement helps in improving the production of egg and also helps in enhancing the health of the body by stimulating organs and providing nutrition to them. Ovimin is an extraordinary egg medicine which contains multivitamins, minerals, yeast, calcium with ovary stimulating herbs which improves health and production of eggs.

Along with this we have to use “Lucanthin” a vital egg yolk pigmentation supplement ( which improves the color of the egg yolk. The color of the egg is also an important factor when it comes to egg farming. Better quality of egg with a nice pale yellow or golden in color are in high demand. All these feed additives are natural and are very effective towards their operations.

Benefits of Ovimin:
  1. Helps in improving egg production. .
  2. Reduce gap in reproductive cycle.
  3. Stimulate ovaries for more production of eggs.
  4. Increase weight of bird’s body.
  5. Helps in improving feed intake and its efficiency.
  6. Increase egg weight and thickness.
  7. Improves egg yolk colour & albumen content.
Usage & Administration
    17th week to 38th week – 500gm/ton of feed.
    39th week onwards – 350gm/ton of feed.

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant.