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Duck Egg Enhancer

Duck Egg Enhancer

Ovimin, a superior egg enhancement supplement that improves the generation of eggs and increases the wellbeing as well. The egg is a vital and healthy diet for humans. Eggs are mainly obtained from poultry birds. But in many cases, it is seen that the production of the egg is low and of awful quality. Healthy quality of eggs is produced when the soundness of duck is good. If the duck health is low or beneath normal which is caused due to the disturbed balance of vital nutrients and minerals in the body. This disturbing situation is caused due to seasonal change or some kind of viral or bacterial attack. In order to overcome from this, we have to use various duck feed supplement which recover the vital nutrients and minerals to the body and egg enhancing supplement which aids in better production and healthy eggs with great health. For Egg enhancing here, you should use “Ovimin” a vital feed supplement which aids better production of healthy eggs. It is a standard formulation of various multivitamins, minerals, yeast, calcium with other ovary stimulating herbs that aid better egg.

  1. Increases egg production .
  2. Stimulates Ovaries for more egg production .
  3. Increases body weight.
  4. Improves feed intake and its efficiency.
  5. Increases Egg Quality and weight.
  6. Increases Egg Shells thickness.
  7. Improves egg yolk colour & albumen content.
Usage & Administration
    17th week to 38th week – 500gm/ton of feed.
    39th week onwards – 350gm/ton of feed.

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant.