CRD Diseases In Poultry

CRD (Chronic Respiratory Disease) a common disease generally occurs in poultry birds. It is caused by a bacteria names as "Mycoplasma gallisepticum". This bacteria is the main cause of respiratory disease and it primarily occurs in poultry birds, chickens, turkeys but it also affects other birds like pigeon, wild birds, duck, geese etc. Birds which are exposed to it will carry this CRD disease throughout their life cycle. Those who are exposed or recovered from this disease can't be used for breeding. The main reason for the occurrence of this disease starts with the bad management of the living area and their surroundings. It causes and makes a pleasant environment for the growth of Mycoplasma Bacteria. They make their colonies and get isolated around the nipples of drinking water and the feed basket. The heat between 37C-38C and pH 7.8 is ideal for their long-run growth. This disease commonly affects birds from 4 to 10-week old especially poultry birds and turkey. It is also caused by another bacteria Escherichia coli and sometimes respiratory viruses.

This disease shows symptoms starting with sneezing, coughing, respiratory distress or gargling sound during respiration. It is a communicable disease but it spread to other birds slowly. The chronic symptoms may be hardly seen but the main symptoms are in an increase in mortality ratio and reduction in egg production. To recover from this disease make sure that the area of living of the birds are clean and there is no contamination of water. Feed should be kept properly to avoid contamination of toxins. Another way to recover from this is to give different types of poultry medicines like Toxin Binder Poultry CRD medicines which help in killing the bacteria and toxins which helps in better growth and decreases mortality ratio. Anfavit liquid is one of the best Poultry CRD Medicine which is a herbal medicine and a mixture of various herbal extracts of Berberis Aristata, vitis, vinifera with other herbs fortified with vitamins. With the consumption of this medicines it removes various diseases and provides many health benefits: