Poultry Liquid Calcium
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Good Products For Poultry
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Poultry Liquid Calcium

In commercial farming of broiler, Fatty Liver Syndrome (FLS) is a frequently occurring condition in poultry. This metabolic disease occurs due to an unbalanced nutrient intake and it can be found in two types as fatty liver syndrome (FLS) and fatty liver kidney syndrome (FLKS). It generally occurs in young chicks which is associated with increase mortality and fatty infiltration of the body tissue that result in enlarged size of liver, kidney and heart. Study reveals that an increase in triglyceride level in the liver accompanied by liver hemorrhages being the main cause of excess mortality in chickens. The affected liver becomes friable, swollen, and brownish/yellow color due to the accumulation of fat in the organ. The factors for FLS are relatively broad and it occurs due to the malnutrition or nutritional imbalance in the body, environmental factors, genetic characteristics and the presence of excess toxin in the feed. In high dietary content feed energy to protein ratio can translate into an excessive fatty acid synthesis in the liver. This slows the health and growth of the body and can cause severe economic loss in poultry farming. In layer birds it can shows the same symptoms but in addition to this it affects the egg laying percentage, egg weight, low feed intake, poor FCR. On a daily basis the egg that are produced are dirty, shell-less or broken eggs.

Neutro CPD Liquid, a poultry liquid calcium () helps in improving the health of the liver and prevent Fatty liver syndrome. It consists of Calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Enzyme Complex which helps in developing a perfect body of poultry. Each element in this poultry feed additive has a unique feature.

(A.) Calcium: It helps in formation of muscles and improves the skeletal growth.
(B.) Phosphorus: It involve in improving metabolic, neurological and cellular function of the body.
(C.) Vitamin D3: Improves the absorption of calcium in the body
(D.) Enzyme Complex: The enzyme present in this calcium supplement remove anti-nutritional factor from the feed and increase the digestion and absorption of the feed nutrients in the gut.
  1. Cures fatty liver disease in poultry.
  2. Improve body growth and weight
  3. Prevent calcium deficiency in the body. .
  4. Prevents lameness, leg weakness, prolapse, cannabolism. .
  5. Improve health and activeness of the body. .
  6. Stimulates Liver Functions .
Usage & Administration
For Poultry (100 Birds)
    Chicks & Growers: 10ml-20ml .
    Layers: - 20ml-25ml .
    Broilers: - 25ml-30ml

    Or, as directed by Veterinarian consultant.