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Broiler Liquid Calcium

Broiler Liquid Calcium

The modern broiler farming is significantly accelerated in past some years. The short rearing period and rapid growth rates present challenges in broiler farming. For this there requires an optimum level of health and growth with proper bone and skeletal development. Deficiency of this immediately effect on the immune response and skeletal development of broiler birds. “Leg and gait disorders is considered as the main problem for the broiler industry. It is very important to provide the desired calcium requirement in the body which provides better bone and skeletal development. When there is an ample amount of calcium in the body it helps in better bone and skeletal development and also helps in improving the nerve response of the body. In layer and breeder bird it helps in production of high-quality eggs with thick and smooth eggshells. The calcium is gained by the poultry feed. Along with the feed we also provide external poultry calcium supplement which provide the desired calcium value to the body. “Neutro CPD Liquid” is one of the best calcium supplements for poultry which provide significant result and removes all kind of calcium deficiency from the body and promotes a better health and growth along with high quality eggs and better hatchability. It is a stabilized combination of calcium lactate, calcium gluconate, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12 for better and efficient result.

  1. Prevents thinning of egg shells .
  2. Prevents Rickets, osteomalacis, anaemia, leg weakness.
  3. Enhance Egg Production .
  4. Improves body weight and growth.
  5. Increase health and activeness .
Usage & Administration
For Broilers
    Starters: 10ml-20ml/100 Birds .
    Finishers: 20ml-30ml/100 Birds.