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Poultry Stress Reliever

Poultry Stress Reliever

Poultry birds are commercially farmed for their meat and eggs. Broiler are farmed for their meat and layers are farmed for their eggs. Better quality of products is gained by the better health of the poultry birds and these are achieved when proper feeding and nutrition are available in the body. But there are many challenges which are continuously surrounding which lowers the health. They are challenged by a diverse set of pathogens like viruses, bacteria, protozoa, parasites which are the main reason which lowers the health. These micro-organisms have developed unique and diverse strategies to invade the host and evade the defense system. On the other side the immune system has developed as a complex organ with multiple defense system to respond against these pathogens.
It is very important to maintain the immune system in an optimum condition which helps in better response against pathogens and promote a better health. We should use Sele-Tonic as “immunity booster medicines” which helps in enhancing the immune functionality and provide better response against pathogens. It is an advanced formulation of natural immunity booster with added advantage of vitamin-e and selenium. .

  1. Helps in boosting immunity .
  2. Give Strength and vitality to poultry birds .
  3. Give strength to tolerate extra stress.
  4. Helps during crazy chick diseases.
  5. Improves overall performance and production .
Usage & Administration
For Broilers
    Starters: 2ml-5ml/100 Birds.
    Finishers: 5ml-7ml/100 Birds.