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Broiler Growth Promoter

Broiler Growth Promoter

Growth is an important factor which plays a major role in poultry farming. There has been a phenomenal growth in poultry production in India during the last decade which is secluded to small- or large-scale poultry farming industries. It is achieved due to exploitation of various growth promoting strategies and disease prevention methods. But the main constrain for economic poultry is the unorganized poultry sector where there is threat of pathogens that are present nearby which lowers the health and growth in poultry. This leads to the high cost treatment by antibiotics which reduces the profitability ratio. For achieving the objectives several approaches like better feeding, use of poultry feed supplements, toxin binders , growth promoter are used which maximizes the output. Generally, growth promoters are used for better growth in poultry. These are the substances that are added to the feed which increases the response towards the exploitation of the potential of the host and improves the feed conversion ratio.
Anfagrow Plus, an essential poultry growth promoter liquid which is a natural product for poultry that helps in better growth. The cost is low as compared to antibiotic treatment and can provide significant results. It contains essential amino acids, trace minerals and proteins for better weight gain and production. This poultry feed additives helps in improving fertility and reduced mortality rate.

  1. Healthy and Proper Growth.
  2. Faster Weight Gain.
  3. Improves Feed Conversion Ratio.
  4. Better Fertility.
  5. Reduction in mortality ratio.
  6. Removes Vitamin deficiency.
Usage & Administration
For Poultry (1000 birds)
Broiler: - 150ml
Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant.

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