Poultry E.Coli Medicine
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I want 20Kg 5bag
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Good Products For Poultry
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Poultry E.Coli Medicine

The effect of the bacteria is disastrous on broiler chicken. Therefore, it becomes necessary to treat it. This without any care may lead to the inflammation of yolk in the first week of life. The mortality is very high and also there is an increase in intestinal problems leading to reduced digestion. With the problem in the intestinal tract it can give rise to many severe diseases. E-coli is one of them.

Need for E. coli medicine

With such disastrous consequences for production for broilers, it is necessary to provide essential treatment. It is here that the use of “Anfavit” which is an E. coli medicine that comes into play.

Anfavit Liquid

Anfavit liquid is exclusively organic-based essential poultry E-coli medicine which consist of herbal extracts with the added advantage of fortified vitamins. It reduces the intensity of the bacteria infection in a short while and also aids in developing immunity to the disease in the future. It also boosts the immunity of the broiler chicken to various diseases especially CRD It consists of an organic mix of herbs namely berberis aristata, Vitis vinifera, and origanum Vulgare and Olea Europea along with added benefits of fortified vitamins.

  1. Helps in control and spread of infection of E. coli .
  2. Improves overall health and production
  3. Improves create better immunity systems for future
  4. A potent immunity booster
  5. It has no side effects
Usage & Administration
For Broilers
For Prevention
    100ml per 1000 Birds Regularly .

    For Control of Diseases.
    100ml per 100 Birds.

    In other cases

    As directed by the veterinarian.