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Poultry E.Coli Medicine

Poultry E.Coli Medicine

Anfavit Liquid an essential poultry feed additive which is made by a blended mixture of various herbal extracts of berberis aristate, vitis vinifera, origanum vulgare with an added advantage of fortified vitamins. With the mixture of all these herbs it forms the shape of herbal growth promoter for poultry which works as immunity booster and as a CRD medicines for poultry and helps in increasing health and growth.

  1. Prevents and control of Diarrhoea. .
  2. Prevention and control of CRD disease in poultry.
  3. Improves FCR.
  4. Improves Survivability rates.
  5. Reduces Stress.
  6. Quick recovery.
Usage & Administration
For Broilers
For Prevention
    100ml per 1000 Birds Regularly .

    For Control of Diseases.
    100ml per 100 Birds.