Broiler Feed Enzymes
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Broiler Feed Enzymes

The poultry feed enzymes are firstly introduced into the poultry industry in 1980’s and now these enzymes are widely used in poultry broiler feeds. The feed enzymes are now become an important tool which help in increasing the nutritional value of the feed ingredients, reduces the feed costs, and maintain or improving the poultry bird performance. Basically, enzymes are chemicals or catalyst that accelerate and speed-up the chemical process of the body. These enzymes are released into the digestive tract which speed up the digestion process and improves the absorption of the nutrients from the feed for better health. But there are some of the enzymes that cannot produced by the body or they are not able to digest the whole feed which left the feed undigested which becomes a major cause of malnutrition and low health. The poultry broiler feeds on cereals like corn, maize, barley, wheat which contains high level of fiber, proteins and carbohydrate which needs a lot of enzyme to properly break. There are three types of feed enzymes (Phytase, carbohydrase and proteases) which are typically used with the poultry feed. Phytase releases some nondigestible phosphorus commonly used in feed ingredients which make the nutrients available for the productivity of the body. On the other side carbohydrase enzyme effectively increases the amount of energy available from the poultry feed. The key compounds of carbohydrase enzyme include amylase and xylanase which are responsible for improving the digestibility of carbohydrase in the feed ingredients. An improved digestibility and properly digested feed provide more nutrition and increase the availability of energy to promote growth and productiveness. Protease is a protein digesting enzyme which breaks down the protein compound and makes energy available for the health and growth. A combination of Amylase, Xylanase and protease enzyme when working together cures poor digestion and poorly digestible portion of feed ingredients which increases the availability of energy for better growth.

Anfazyme Gold is one of the best broiler feed enzymes which contains all essential enzymes with probiotics which not only helps in digesting the feed, but also inhibit the growth of bad bacteria and pathogens that invade the small intestine which affect the health and productivity of the body. It contains pectinase, xylanase, lipase, bacillus subtilis which when work together improves the health. It can also be used as layer feed enzyme as the poultry layer are commercially farmed for their eggs.

Benefits of Anfazyme Gold:
  1. Helps in controlling feed cost by providing flexibility in the feed formulation.
  2. Helps in improving the efficiency of the feed. .
  3. Improve the dietary content and metabolize energy .
  4. Improves FCR & Growth of the body. .
  5. Improve litter quality .
  6. Controls risks of dirty eggs, breast blisters etc.
Usage & Administration
For Poultry
    Broilers: - 350gm-500gm/ton of feed