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Breeder multivitamin

Breeder multivitamin

Anfaplex a multivitamin supplement for poultry birds. It is a mixture of various vitamins like B1, B2, B6, B12 and mineral with added advantage of B-complex and Amino acids. It helps in enhancing better health and growth to the body. Vitamin is an essential element in the body which promotes health and metabolise body function. Improper or lack of vitamins in the body causes severe diseases. In this case we give proper vitamin supplement with feed to animals or birds which help in recovering vitamin deficiency.

  1. Prevents perosis muscular dystrophy. .
  2. Increase Basic Health .
  3. Makes Body Disease resistance .
  4. Give relief from all kind of stress .
  5. Better Egg Production .
  6. Enhances Body Weight .
Usage & Administration
For Breeders (100 Birds)
    40ml/100 Birds.