Poultry Feed Enzyme
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I want 20Kg 5bag
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2021-07-20 06:22:21

Moheswar Basumatary
I need this product
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Sankar Jaiswal
Good Products For Poultry
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Alok Kumar
this product is very nice

Poultry Feed Enzyme And Probiotcs

Probiotics and enzymes have a well-researched role to play in enhancing healthy performance. Enzyme benefits include enhanced digestion and absorption of nutrients as well as improvements in growth uniformity within flocks. With mounting pressure on the poultry industry to lower the cost of production without compromising gut health or bird performance, a combination of enzymes and probiotics may offer opportunities to make this goal achievable..

Advantages Of Poultry Enzymes And Poultry Probiotics

For the production of high-quality products from chickens, attention should be paid to optimal nutrition as well as achieving a balanced gut microbiota as these two components go hand in hand with healthy performance. Enzymes and probiotics have a well-documented role to play in improving healthy performance. Enzymes have numerous benefits, including enhanced digestion and absorption of nutrients as well as improvements in growth uniformity within flocks.

Anfazyme Dx

Anfazyme Dx is a high-quality mix of poultry enzymes and poultry probiotics, which is used as poultry feed supplements for improving the overall health of poultry animals. It consists of various enzymes like pectinase, xylanase, lipase, glucanase, and probiotics like lactobacillus, acidophilus with many others, which rapidly boosts body growth and health. Anfazyme gives you the perfect custom blends across a wide range of poultry feed applications. It removes the harmful bacteria and other pathogens from the body, which makes a significant difference in the physical condition of the poultry birds.

  1. Anfazyme plays a crucial role in ensuring faster growth. .
  2. It controls the feed cost by providing flexibility in the feed formula. .
  3. It significantly improves feed efficiency. .
  4. Anfazyme dramatically improves flock & production uniformity. .
  5. It greatly reduces sticky and loose droppings. .
  6. It also improves the dietary content of metabolizable energy.
  7. It guarantees better FCR and growth..
  8. It enhances the quality of the litter..
Usage & Administration
For Breeders
    20gms/1000 Birds through drinking water daily from day one upto marketing.

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.