Poultry Liver Tonic
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I want 20Kg 5bag
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Good Products For Poultry
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Breeder Liver Tonic

With the rising demand for egg and bird meat in the market, the farm owners tend to use a cheap method to coverup the rising demand. The reduction of feed quality and quantity is a common method which the farmers do. With the consumption of low and poor feed it leads to poor health as well, retarded growth of the birds. Lack of minerals and essential acids in the body which is required by the liver, the bird shows retarded growth and low production. Low health of liver can cause many diseases and it gets affected with fatty liver syndrome. That is where “Anfaliv”an essential breeder Liver tonic comes into play. This is a multi-compound liver tonic which is provided to the birds mixed along with the feed. It is essentially a mix of essential acids and various compounds. This quality makes Anfaliv work and show positive results almost instantly and is more effective than the dry feed generally given to the birds as per other supplements being competitors in the market.

Need for poultry feed additives

The bird diet generally lacks in compounds that are required for the proper functioning of the liver and associated organs. This leads to a lot of diseases and retarded growth. That is where a liver tonic supplement is needed to fulfill the necessary demand. With adequate quantity being provided by the liver tonic in the diet, the birds tend to have better egg production and health. This leads to a direct boost in production and profit.


Anfaliv is essentially a liver toniccompound with advanced liver protection formula which contains various compounds like chlorine chloride, biotin, several vitamins which make it the perfect poultry medicine and liver tonic for better health as well as production. It improves liver function and makes it free from diseases for better health.

  1. Increases body health and growth .
  2. Improves liver health .
  3. Better FCR and feed efficiency .
  4. Increases fertility .
  5. Protects from liver infections .
Directions of Usage
    As directed by the veterinarian.