Poultry Liver Supplement
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I want 20Kg 5bag
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Good Products For Poultry
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Poultry Liver Supplement

The liver is an important organ present in the body which aids in better health and growth of the body. It increases and stimulates the functioning of another organ of the body. It is a power house and storage of the various vitamins which regulates the metabolism of the body. Better liver function promotes better health. There is another liver syndrome which affects the health. It is a fatty liver syndrome also known as fatty liver disease and hepatic lipidosis which is the most common cause of mortality in poultry birds. It results in the sudden death of the bird which is a result of liver rupture and internal bleeding. It is seen actively in laying hen and obese poultry birds. When a bird develops fatty liver syndrome there is an accumulation of fats which lowers the efficiency and destroys the liver cells. The symptoms of this are characterized by enlarged, friable and the color varies from tan to yellow or orange. Sometimes it is seen that the blood is clotted in the abdominal cavity of the poultry birds. In order to overcome from this, there is a need for a liver supplement or tonic which aids in removing all the symptoms of liver thus providing better health and growth with better functioning of the liver. Anfahep is vital and recommended a liver powder for poultry birds. This vital liver powder consists of various vitamins compounds, biotin, chlorine chloride that improves the overall liver function which increases body growth and health. This supplement comes in powder form which makes it very easy to mix with feed and give to your birds. This is a hepatoprotective formula and can be used in all conditions. With the consumption of this supplement, it is helpful in removing all the symptoms and syndrome of liver an promotes the better functioning of the liver. Health Benefits are mentioned below.

Health Benefits
  1. Prevent liver diseases for better functioning .
  2. Removes fatty liver syndrome.
  3. Increase the Egg production .
  4. Improves the Health and growth .
  5. Increase better FCR and feed efficiency.
  6. Reduce Mortality In poultry birds.
Direction of Use
For Breeder
    Regular use: 500gm/ton of feed .
    Treatment Use: 1kg/ton of feed for 7 days .

    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant .