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Poultry Growth Promoter Supplement

Poultry Growth Promoter

Anfagrow, is a vital poultry supplement which is used as growth promoter in poultry birds like broiler, layers, breeders, chicks that helps in better health and growth to them. It contains many vital trace elements with essential amino acids and proteins. This is a liquid vitamin supplement which can be used very easily. The deficiency of vitamins in the body may leads to various kinds of chronic diseases.

  1. Increase Health and growth . .
  2. Increases Weight .
  3. Enhances Feed Conversion .
  4. Better Fertility and Hatchability .
  5. Lower mortality ratio. .
  6. Removes Vitamin and mineral deficiency.
Usage & Administration
For Poultry (100 Birds)
    Chicks: - 50ml .
    Broiler: - 150ml .
    Layers: - 150ml .
    Breeders: - 200ml .