Poultry Gout Medicine and Kidney Fresher
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Poultry Gout Medicine

The modern-day poultry bird has undergone many genetic modifications to enhance its production efficiency in terms of better meat and egg.This brings concern on the health of most of the significant organs while selecting birds on the parameters of egg and meat production. This paves the way for the higher incidence of metabolic disorders. Metabolic disorders arise due to low nutritional value in the body or due to the effect of toxins in the body as a result of improper metabolic processes within the birds' body. The abnormal biochemical reactions can be due to improper functioning of the vital organs like the kidney, liver, heart, and lung.

This disturbed functioning of organs in the breeder's body causes Gout problem, which is a significant problem in the poultry farming. It can cause high mortality ratio among the poultry birds. It is characterized by retention and buildup of urates in the tissues. It is caused due to excess deposition of uric acid, which is an end product of protein and purine metabolism. Gout treatment in poultry is rising as a serious concern; In birds, as they are uricotelic, the uric acid is insoluble in the water, and the bird also lacks enzymes which lower the breakdown of the uricase. Usually, the uric acids are excreted through the kidney, and the metabolic process occurs in the liver.

Due to various predisposing causes, if renal failure or excessive formation of Uric acid occurs in the body. Uric acid stores in the blood, which leads to hyper Uricemia.

We introduce “UROCID” as poultry gout medicine. It helps in dissolving the stones which are accumulated and makes a smooth passage for excretion. It acts as acidifiers in poultry and preserves the renal mass function. It is composed of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Ammonium Chloride, Vitamin-C, Citosodine& Halite for better and faster action.

Advantages of UROCID for Breeder
  1. Urocid works as a gout medicine for poultry for breeders which acidifies urine and helps in dissolving kidney stones, as a result, preserve the renal mass function.
  2. Urocid inhibits urinary deposits and hemorrhages microlesion. .
  3. The breeder's gout medicine give relief from renal inflammation, which is caused by toxins. .
  4. Urocid limits and control nephrosis and chick nephropathy.
  5. Urocid helps the birds to overcome various stress conditions and help normal functioning of kidneys.
Usage & Administration
For Breeders
For Prevention of Gout (100 Birds)
    Breeders: 3ml-5ml/100 Birds/Day for 3-5 Days .
For Control of Gout
    Breeders: 5ml-10ml /100 Birds/Day for 5-7 Days.
    Mild Infection: 1ml-2ml/7Kg of bird weight.
    Severe Infection: 1ml-2ml/5kg of bird weight.